Giving Tuesday (Nov 28) is a day to celebrate kids being kids!

(and do silly things like make volcanoes and erupt them in their hospital rooms!)


Meet Brandon...

He Loves science!  It's hard for him to choose his favorite activity but it's probably either making frog egg slime or volcanoes.  We have worked with him more than 20 times already this year.  We hate that he's in the hospital so much, but we're honored and happy to bring science and fun to him when he's stuck in the hospital.


In order to continue making slime and volcanoes and smiles with Brandon, we need funding (for the baking soda, plaster cloth, and programming time).  All of our funding comes either from grants or donations.  We do not receive funding from UNC or the hospital for materials or salaries.   All donations to Wonder Connection are submitted via the North Carolina Botanical Gardens' giving page at UNC and are fully tax-deductible.

We need your help spreading the word about Wonder Connection. 

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Giving Tuesday Goals:

100 Donations on/around Giving Tuesday (with 50 of those donors being new)

50 new Facebook Likes and 75 FB shares

$5000+ in donations (we can do it!).  We served over 1,000 kids last year.  That'd be $5/kid!