As of February 15, 2019, Wonder Connection is no longer a program of UNC/NCBG. It is a fiscally sponsored program of the non-profit SEE (Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs).

This move allows Wonder Connection a greater degree of autonomy, allowing us to sustain the growth that we experienced in the past few years. As a fiscal sponsor, SEE is a tax-exempt umbrella organization that provides nonprofit status and administrative services to small programs like Wonder Connection that fall under their mission. SEE has the capacity, experience, and infrastructure to give oversight and guidance, as well as HR and financial reporting support to Wonder Connection as we ‘leave the nest’ of the NC Botanical Garden.  This allows Wonder Connection to have tax exempt status while devoting our energy to our mission-driven work.

We still serve pediatric patients and child and adolescent psychiatric patients at UNC Children’s Hospitals and we serve local outpatients and families at the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill.