Charlie’s polymer experiment!

Charlie’s polymer experiment!

Wonder Connection & Charlie

Remarks given by Charlie Harris, Wonder Connection Science Ambassador, at BOOtanical on Oct 26 ‘18

Wonder Connection is an organization that aims to make stays in the hospital for pediatric patients a little bit more tolerable.  The way they do this is by giving them [patients] the chance to have fun with science projects and activities.  These activities and projects help the patients by giving them an escape from thinking about the situation they are in for as much time as possible while having fun and learning.

My first encounter with Wonder Connection was in 2016 where I participated in a science fair they were holding where they would pick individual kids who hadn’t participated in the science fair before. The experiment I conducted had to do with what liquids would make super absorbent polymer powder expand the most. The liquid candidates were normal water, soapy water, cola, and vinegar. Let me ask the audience who they think won…. Vinegar won.

Other experiments they do are things like making and using catapults, film canister rockets, oobleck, and milk and vinegar plastic. Later on, through many more hospital stays and more visits from Ms. Katie, Mr. Andrew, and Ms. Julie, and many other volunteers, I was asked to be a Science Ambassador for Wonder Connection. After that, I was given several more opportunities which I am grateful for, to attend [science] summer camps and other events such as these.

To sum up, Wonder Connection has been a massive help and has had a positive effect in my life. They aim to help kids who are experiencing difficulties and stressful times and reach out to more people by getting them interested in science and learning in the future. Wonder Connection is a lot of fun, and I am very happy with everything they have done for me. Thank you, Wonder Connection.