Wonder Connection is looking for adult volunteers to work with inpatients and outpatients and their families. 

We ask for a 50 hour or 1 year commitment from our volunteers. 

Volunteer Application Process:

  1. Apply online (form below)
  2. Interview with Wonder Connection Staff
  3. Various forms are required (including background check)
  4. An additional application, forms, and training process is required for volunteering at UNC Hospitals.

If you have questions, please contact

Andrew Torlage


919 249 8404

Here is our online volunteer application.

Name *
Phone (best # to reach you)
Phone (best # to reach you)
Best Method of Contact
How do you learn best?
Which of these options make you feel most appreciated?

Please email your resume/CV and one reference letter from a non-family member to andrew_torlage@unc.edu.






Current Volunteers--- here's the link to log your hours.