Wonder Connection has four different types of ongoing volunteer positions.

We are looking for adult volunteers to:

  1. Use hands-on science and nature activities to bring joy to individual pediatric patients aged 4-18 at UNC Children’s Hospital during the work week. This requires a 75+ hour commitment each year.

    *Please note, UNC Hospitals only accepts new undergraduate volunteers at the beginning of the semester. Please refer to their website for more info.

  2. Facilitate hands-on science and nature activities for outpatients and their families two Wednesday evenings a month. This requires a 30+ hour commitment.

  3. Help us with random office tasks in the office on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Fridays during the work day. We also may have tasks that can be completed offsite with some instruction. Random office tasks could include but aren’t limited to: prepping flowers, editing letters, portioning slime materials, or organizing photo releases. We will talk with each volunteer to gauge their strengths and allow for some flexibility in task assignment. This is a new opportunity and we’re excited to figure this out with our volunteers. This requires a 10+ hour commitment.

  4. We’re looking for scientists who want to inspire the kids and teens we work with by sharing an activity related to the work they do. You could visit the hospital once for a couple of hours or several times a year, as your schedule permits. Please contact Andrew directly, rather than via the form below (andrew@wonderconnection.org).

Volunteer Application Process:

  1. Apply online (form below).

  2. Send your resume/cv to Andrew@wonderconnection.org *This is not required for those applying to help with random office tasks.

  3. Interview with Wonder Connection Staff

  4. Various forms are required (including background check)

  5. An additional application, forms, and training process is required for volunteering at UNC Hospitals (position 1 as listed above).

If you have questions, please contact

Andrew Torlage


919 249 8404

Here is our online volunteer application.

Type of Volunteering Position
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This is required for any volunteer work at the hospital or Ronald McDonald House